Blackhead Vacuum – Sucking Blackheads

Anjoy Vacuum:

About the product
Power of Vacuum Exfoliation: Negative Pressure Technology buffs away blackheads, dead skin, and blemishes thoroughly to leave skin looking fresh and radiant
Tailored to Your Concerns: Mix and match the 6-speed settings with 4 interchangeable probes to brighten, smooth, and even skin tone and texture for all skin types
FDA-Approved Device: This FDA-cleared microdermabrasion device is made of eco-friendly ABS and is safe to use even for sensitive skin
Breakup with Breakouts: IPL therapy delivers powerful blue light deep into your pores to get rid of the junk that causes acne in the first place
Tips for Best Results: Practice on your arm before using on your face; run device slowly across skin in one direction without remaining in one spot for over 3 seconds; post-treatment redness should subside within a week.

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