Fish Hook in Finger – OUCH!

Fishing is a common recreational sport. While serious injuries are uncommon, penetrating tissue trauma involving fishhooks frequently occurs. Most of these injuries are minor and can be treated in the office without difficulty. All fishhook injuries require careful evaluation of surrounding tissue before attempting removal. Before we continue, please click the subscribe button if you enjoy this style of video. Click the notification bell for updates.

After removal of the fishhook, the wound should be explored for possible foreign bodies. It is usually sufficient to leave the wound open, then apply an antibiotic ointment and a simple dressing. Tetanus toxoid should be administered to persons for whom more than five years has elapsed since their last tetanus booster. Prophylactic antibiotic therapy may be considered for persons who are immunosuppressed or have poor wound healing. Antibiotic therapy may also be considered for deeper wounds that involve the tendons, cartilage or bone. Follow-up care should be performed to ensure adequate healing and the absence of infection.

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