Brown Recluse Spider Bite Images

My bite started with what felt like a hair getting pulled by my jeans. I got home from a bussiness trip to Kansas around 2 Am on saturday and noticed a hard lump that was very sore on the inside of my thigh, just below the buttocks. Sat morning, it was very red and swollen about the size of a grapefruit. I went out witha friend that night for dinner, but felt sick to my stomach and had no appetite. I called the date short and returned home for some rest. Sunday morning, I awoke to see that my entire thigh was bright red, swollen pretty bad, and very sore. I went to have a friend look at it, she then called her mother who is a nurse.

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I was then taken to an urgent care facility in Lincoln, where the doctor put me on Keflex and Levaquin. He wanted me to go see a sugeon ASAP. I got an appointment on tuesday morning. The sureon opened the wound, drained it, then packed it with gauze. I had to pack it 2 times a day for a couple weeks. When I went back to him, it had started to dry and was healing some. I returned to see him every 2 weeks for a couple months. The wound healed very nicely, but I have had pains in my leg off and on for several years later. The pains would go away with no redness or swelling.






Date Bitten: 10/1/2004
Body Part: Leg – Thigh
State/Country: Nebraska
Found Spider: No
Severity of Bite: 2 – Somewhat Severe
Recurring Bite: No
Medications: Keflex, Levaquin

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