Billions of Small Blackheads!

This is a black head 18 minutes film, watch out billions of black heads on forehead, biggest black heads on eyelids being extracted out. You need to have a container, water, burner, towels, soap, isopropyl alcohol, comedone extractor, gloves and a guy with blackheads on face. Boil the water in container, this will convert the water to vapour state, tilt yourself on container so that face can be exposed to vapours, put towel on head as shown in video, this will loosen the black heads from pores. Wash your hands properly, wear gloves and start extraction of comedones, by applying gentle pressure on skin, procedure is painless, in between sterilize the comedone extractor by dipping in iso propyl alcohol. We have written informed consent from all the candidates shown in the video to put the video on youtube.

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