A Journey From Bariatric Surgery to Bodybuilding | Lyss Remaly Transformation Story

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For Lyss Remaly, weight was always an issue. “I was definitely that cute baby who looked like I had rubber bands on my wrists and arms,” she says. “It’s just not as attractive when you’re 18.”

At age 4, Lyss was already seeing a nutritionist for her diet and health issues. Family history played a role, but so did eating habits. “As much as I want to blame genetics, it’s not like I helped the situation any,” she says. “Yes my dad is a bigger guy, and all five of us kids are bigger, but I was also a closet eater. I hid what I ate—I’d hit the drive-thru and maybe eat four Whoppers and fries in my car before going home for dinner. I kept that horrible behavior going for years.”

For years, the actress, jokester, and self-proclaimed funny girl hid behind jokes and her vivacious personality, until an embarrassing wake-up call forced Lyss to listen to her body.