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This has been a year of so many blackhead extractions and cyst excisions!! Many more than all my years as a dermatologist (over 10 years) combined! I didn’t realize something that I may do or see on a regular basis as a dermatologist would be so interesting to so many people, and this fascinates me. For many of you, my videos are exciting and you describe them as “gross but oddly satisfying”, and for others, you actually watch them to relax you and to help to sleep! Still others have dermatillomania, which is an obsession with and a compulsion to pick your own skin, and these videos help you to diminish this urge.

Most importantly, this has hopefully been an educational experience for you, (which is what this all is about, after all). Do you know the difference between a blackhead and a whitehead? Between a comedone and a milium? A pilar cyst versus an epidermoid cyst? An abscess versus a lipoma? If you’ve watched most of my videos… you BETTER! So I thought to thank you and to also review what we all have learned this last year in dermatology, I would put together a collection of my 10 favorite blackhead extractions I did this year, 2015. Hopefully, these examples will show you how I properly and in a sterile and safe environment, extract blackheads, aka closed comedones. As you know, all of this is done by a board certified dermatologist (me), in the office setting. The intent is to improve and clear the complexion with little to no risk of scarring or other unwanted complications. Hopefully, these videos help you identify issues you may have with your own skin and understand what treatment options you have as well as help you to understand when it’s time to see a dermatologist!

Oh, and by the way, my 9 year old son made the pimple popping animation/cartoon countdown! He had fun doing it!

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