Trypophobia Test

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Out of all the phobia’s that exist in this world trypophobia has got to be my favorite one. Never have I seen someone react with such intense fears and sudden urge to squirm and itch as someone with trypophobia. For those of you who do not know what trypophobia is I will explain it to you below.

Trypophobia is an intense fear of holes in the skin that usually instigates a response of overwhelming uneasiness and an all over itchy feeling on the body. Trypophobia can usually be triggered by the following things: lotus seed pods, bot fly larvae, pumice stones, crumpets, tooth decay in the form of cavities in the teeth. Ampullae of Lorenzini in sharks, termite mounts, holes in concrete, acne scars, aero bars, bone marrow, nests of wasps, a bees honeycomb, bubbles in rising dough, ant holes, veins in meat, and anything with a cluster of holes. All of these things will cause some form of reaction is someone susceptible to trypophobia.

So how would you know if you are prone to trypophobia and trypophobia attacks? Trypophobia is a serious infliction that can become an obsession to some trypophobes. If you are concerned about being a sufferer of trypophobia I have found a little test to see whether or not you have trypophobia. Check the picture below to see if you suffer from trypophobia. Study this trypophobia inducing picture and if you begin to feel any sort of reaction to this picture you may have some level of trypophobia. Trypophobia in most cases is harmless but in certain instances people may become obsessed with their disorder and in these sort of instances I would recommend you seek medical counsel.

trypophobia test

Bot fly larvae being removed from the skin I have found to cause the most likely situation in human existence to cause results of trypophobia. Oftentimes bot fly larvae leave deep recesses in the skin that immediately trigger trypophobia in an individual. Luckily for you and I bot fly larvae infesting the skin is a rare occurrence.  This still doesn’t rule out trypophobia caused from such things as acne scars and pores. Hopefully you have enjoyed this test to diagnose whether or not you suffer from trypophobia. I have found trypophobia to be one of the most fascinating phobias that exist today. I hope you enjoyed my little test and do not suffer from trypophobia.

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