Trypophobia Animals – Octopus, Water Bugs and Suriname Toad

The fear of holes is a fairly common phobia, with a number of online support groups available to help sufferers, but it is also one that is not hugely well-known. Those affected find it deeply unpleasant to look at patterns of small irregular holes, and this can have an impact on their everyday lives. The most commonly used example of such an image is the head of the lotus flower, but even such innocent things as soap bubbles or the holes in aerated chocolate can have an effect.

This phobia has been given little attention in the scientific literature until now, but this latest investigation reveals that trypophobia might not be as irrational as it may at first appear. According to these results, images that induce the phobia show similarities to the patterns seen on highly poisonous animals, so the discomfort felt by sufferers may be an evolutionary response advising them to keep away.

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