10 Bizarre Examples of Trypophobia

Trypophobia is the fear of holes, and in this video we display the fear of holes for your hole fearers. There are some cool pictures, video clips, photoshops and makeup in this video.

Makeup by Emily SFX at 0:07, bug’s nest at 0:16, lotus pod at 0:25, ant holes at 0:47, hornet nest at 0:50.

I love pictures and video of trypophobia. I have no fear of holes. What do you think of thee trypophobia images? Do you have a favorite? My favorite is #1, the trypophobia back. Credit to EmilySFX and QueenKingSFX, make sure to check out our friends’ YouTube channels! Click like if you are a trypophobia fan.

Warning. This video contains information about the psychological fear of holes. It is known as trypophobia. If you have Trypophobia, this video may trigger that fear.

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