Have you ever felt anxious when you see a hole in the road? Have you seen images of holes on your news feed that make you sick to your stomach or uneasy? Or are you nervous when someone brings you food with holes in it? If yes, you might have Trypophobia. This is a strange fear of holes that some people possess. They are afraid that they will fall into these holes until eternity. Some just think that it is very dark inside these holes and that alone gives them a creepy feeling.

Do you think you have Trypophobia? We have a test of images below, see how far you get! If your curious about Trypophobia or want to talk to others that feel the same join us in our facebook group with over 10,000 members! Your not alone! We will producing videos to try to help you with your phobia.

Fear of holes is a condition that affects quite a few people. Aside from holes, they are also scared of things that are in clusters. These include the middle part of a sunflower and spider eggs. Some people become hysterical if they see shapes of circles that are grouped together. This fear of clusters and holes is known as Trypophobia. There are various types of fear of holes. Some of people are scared of holes that were created by nature like rocks, stones or even ground.

Over the years, the air or the water in the ocean creates a hole in these rocks. Others are scared of potpourri that lots of people use as room fresheners. The dried seeds in it trigger the fear of clusters and holes to some people. Even by just looking at pictures that are contains clusters of holes in it is already making other people feel nausea. Do a research on your end and know deeper what Trypophobia is all about so that you can overcome your fear with holes.

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