Five Most Popular Brown Recluse Videos


This was done only for scientific purpose. I learned that wolf spiders are good to have around cause they chase away or kill dangerous spiders. If you are here to start a fight with me, go somewhere else. You will get blocked. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Let’s be adults about it.

DaShaun got his brown recluse spider bite irrigated, and repacked.

Watch where he is having the gauze removed post surgery! It’s mad wicked….it looks like a huge worm or snake coming out of his hand!!

There is so much in this video I don’t know where to start. First, you see Arlo handle spiders. He is a snake bite tester, and frankly he is amazing at what he does. You also see John Gilmore doing some amazing abscess work after a brown recluse spider bite. I share several spider bite stories, and we even see a spider take out a snake! Can you believe that? Leave some comments and let us know what you think. I would love to hear your spider stories! TTYL!

This is the doctor repacking my brown recluse bite. He used nothing to numb it. Had to have this done 4 days in a row.

Hello friends, I want you to know that I was scared but confident the spiders would not bite me. I handle a lot of spiders and have never been bitten. The water keeps the spiders from walking up my arm. On the first take the recluse almost went up my sleeve. Music by Jonasty42. Loxosceles reclusa and Latrodectus mactans cruising on my hand in Texas. I found them both on my cousin’s ranch – the recluse was under a pile of plywood and the widow was in a pumphouse. I also found a third spider, Cicurina, but I didn’t even think to include her in the fun.