Orem, Man of Sorrows – Hard to Hold Tears Back!

At the age of 10 he was doused with hot water by his step mother. At 16, his brother who supported him died. At 20, now he lives with his brother, whose wife has denied him food and any form of support. He is eaten by jiggers and all manner of affliction is written all over him. He needs jiggers dug out of his feet and hands. Orem need reconstructive surgery to help him have some face.

Orem was going to lose his sight. The cornea in the right eye was not OK. Remember, Orem has never closed his eye for 28 years (he got burned at age 4 and he’s now 32). That has been corrected now, he’s able to open and close his eyes.

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Orem is a patient of the Rise Up Society
Orem is a patient of the Rise Up Society

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