Mother of all Blackheads

‘The mother of all blackheads’: Disgusting moment doctor squeezes spot from the side of elderly woman’s eye

Dr Sandra Lee had been treating patient for cancer when she spotted mark
She makes incision and eases out a ‘disc-shaped blackhead’ from her eye
Elderly woman had unknowingly had the spot under her skin for years
Patient was in high spirits and doctor described her as ‘vibrant and sassy’

Dr. Sandra Lee Blackhead Removal

This is the weird moment an elderly woman had the ‘mother of all blackheads’ squeezed from her eye.

Dr Sandra Lee, who is also known as Dr Pimple Popper and based in California, had been treating the pensioner for skin cancer when her daughter pointed out the mark on her face.

Within a few minutes she makes a small incision on the surface and eases out a ‘disc-shaped blackhead’, which had unknowingly been sitting under the woman’s skin for years.