“Pops” Dr Sandra Lee’s Blackhead Removal

For medical education- NSFE. This sweet man just lost his wife (and they were inseparable), after a difficult and painful illness. He looks like he has aged 10 years in 10 months. He has had to move into an assisted living facility, and is trying to make new friends, but it’s difficult. I usually see him for skin cancer checks, but today I asked him if the bumps on his nose bothered him. He said “YES!”. So I tried to remove as many as I could during his visit. As you can see, he really wanted them removed, but doesn’t like any discomfort, so I had to be very gentle with him and couldn’t get them all. I skip around to different areas in order to minimize the discomfort.. I kind of circle and come back to particularly uncomfortable sites like the nostrils, so as to give him a little break between squeezes. Don’t worry, I’ll try to get them all! He’ll be back in a month!

This case, though, is a teaching point for me. No matter how old a patient gets, even if they can’t walk well or can’t see or hear well… they still are so appreciative if you do something as simple as extract their blackheads.. They can’t do it themselves, and it really makes them feel better and look better.