Acne Vulgaris and Extracting large Whiteheads

Acne Vulgaris and Extracting large Whiteheads

This is a young man who is presently on Accutane (Isotretinoin) treatment for his cystic acne vulgaris. He asked if we could extract some of his big whiteheads he has on his face.
Accutane has significantly improved his acne so far, and it is helping prevent new cysts and comedones (blackheads & whiteheads), but it can’t treat or remove existing comedones. He had pretty large, significant ones.
As you can see, I need to nick the skin with an 11 blade before I use my comedone extractor. Notice when I make nicks in the skin, I pay attention to the direction of skin tension lines. These nicks are very superficial and will not leave any scarring, but I always orient the nicks along skin tension lines to ensure that they heal and will not be detected.
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