Pilonidal Cyst (Butt Cyst) Drained

What you are seeing here is a pilonidal cyst, which is a cyst on your tailbone. I had one once, probably for sitting for too many hours at work. They stink and they are embarrassing. YouTube restricted this video, so it is hard to find in search. I thought it was an interesting one, so I put it on CystBursting.com! What do you think?

Pilonidal Cyst Exams and Tests

A doctor can diagnose a pilonidal cyst by taking a history (asking about the patient’s history and symptoms regarding the cyst) and performing a physical exam. The doctor may find the following conditions:
•Tenderness, redness, and swelling between the cheeks of the buttocks just above the anus
•Increased white blood cells on a blood sample (not always taken)
•Inflammation of the surrounding skin

Pilonidal Cyst Home Remedies

Early in an infection of a pilonidal cyst, the redness, swelling, and pain may be minimal. Sitting in a warm tub may decrease the pain and may decrease the chance that the cyst will develop to the point of requiring incision and drainage.

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