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“I’m Josefa M. Reina; a certified, practising electrologist since 1980. I wanted to start this YouTube Channel to provide more information about both my work as an electrologist and electrology in general. This channel is for anyone interested in electrology and seeks to demonstrate many important aspects of electrology.

To that end, I have provided (and will continue to provide) videos from my practice. My videos provide information about different techniques, methods, needles, areas of the body/face treated, other uses of electrology, general tips and importantly common difficulties, such as good hair release. For me, good release equals good results.

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The use of a hypodermic needle, as a means to remove comedones, is an accepted and valued practice amongst dermatologists:

This young woman has been suffering because of ingrown hair on the bikini line for years. Miraculously, the lesions produced by the hair (furuncles) hardly have left permanent scars. Fortunately, she has decided to solve this problem with Electrolysis. However, before beginning permanent hair removal, all trapped hairs need to be removed. Only in this way, her skin will have a beautiful and healthy look as if there had never been a single hair:

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Education: Please wear gloves and wash before practicing any home medicine.

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