Trypophobia Trigger by Parasites (Jiggers)

Trypophobia! Jigger Flea Removal and Fear of Holes

Some of you have probably heard of Trypophobia from places like and Trypophobia Kings on YouTube. Trypophobia is the psychological fear of holes. Some of you may even get a feeling of terror when you see holes and irregular shapes. Videos from the Rise Up Society give many people that trypophobic feeling.

In this video we see Eunice being treated for a massive jigger infestation on her feet. Eunice is 70 years old and her feet are in horrible shape. Thankfully, the team at Rise Up Society are treating her.

The reason we put “trypophobia” in the title of this video was to hopefully attract new viewers who like sites like Trypophobia Kings. If you are here because of you interest in Trypophobia, we are happy to have you. Please watch our videos and know your views help our group spread awareness about this social issue. Thank you for watching!

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Trypophobia Trigger by Parasites (Jiggers)
Trypophobia Trigger by Parasites (Jiggers)

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