Orem – The Man of Tears

Orem is one of Rise Up Society's patients!
Orem is one of Rise Up Society’s patients!

“Yes, we started out by removing Orem’s jiggers but our love and commitment has gone far beyond the parasite’s removal. We are working hard to get Orem Onyango helped. We have kept close contact with him and his brother’s household who are currently hosting him. This is the 4th documentary giving details on his progress. Great things are happening. It seems to be such a slow process, but we have finally got a surgery scheduled for July 21st. He will need many, but we are on the way! Thanks to God’s grace and mercy and the love of our partners!”

Orem was going to lose his sight. The cornea in the right eye was not OK. Remember, Orem has never closed his eye for 28 years (he got burned at age 4 and he’s now 32). That has been corrected now, he’s able to open and close his eyes.

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Orem is a patient of the Rise Up Society
Orem is a patient of the Rise Up Society