Here is some information about the Jigger from Wikipedia: The parasitic flea lives in soil and sand, and feeds intermittently on warm-blooded hosts, such as humans and cattle. Males leave the host after a blood meal like other fleas, but the female flea burrows head-first into the host’s skin, leaving the caudal tip of its abdomen visible through an orifice in a skin lesion. This orifice allows the flea to defecate while feeding on blood vessels from which it gets its oxygen as well. It lives in the cutaneous and subcutaneous dermal layer. Over the next two weeks, its abdomen swells with up to several hundred to a thousand eggs, which it releases through the caudal orifice to fall to the ground when ready to hatch. The flea then dies and is often the cause of infection as the body rots under thick scales its body chemistry created to protect it. The eggs mature into adult fleas within three to four weeks and the process begins

“Esther lives in West Bunyore Ward with her husband Samuel. She’s able to laugh even with the pain caused by jiggers. Three fingers on her right hand fingers have been cut off because of jiggers. Her palms were yellow because of the pus accumulating under her skin. Esther has a beautiful spirit and overflows with joy even though her hardships are many; her daughter’s husband was killed but she says she has forgiven the one who murdered him. She is a rare soul.”