Dr. Mark Vaughn

Mark Vaughn M.D. says, “Auburn Medical Group YT Channel is so much more than just interesting medical facts and procedures. It’s people. It’s doctors, patients, and viewers interested in how the practice of medicine can make our lives better. It may be through addressing a simple cosmetic issue like blackheads or something as serious as the decision to continue life-sustaining treatments. All of it is shared here through the videos and viewer comments on the Auburn Medical Group YT Channel.”

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Large Blackhead Removal without Extractor

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Eye Blackheads

A website, trypophobia.com (website ceased to exist), describes the phenomenon with videos and images. Images containing clusters of holes are presented in an arrangement that claims to rank the likelihood they will induce fear. Early images in the series include fruits such as oranges and pomegranates. Then, clusters of holes with a possible association with danger are presented, such as honeycombs, frogs, and insects and arachnids. Finally, images feature wounds and diseases. Using data from the site, Wilkins and Cole analyzed example images and believe that the images had “unique characteristics”.[8] They state that the reaction behind the phobia was an “unconscious reflex reaction” based on a “primitive portion of the brain that associates the image with something dangerous”.[4][5] In another research article, Le, Cole and Wilkins developed a symptom questionnaire that they say can be used to identify trypophobia.[9]

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